No. Judul Nama-nama Dosen Dihasilkan/ Dipublikasikan Pada Tahun Peny-ajian/ Publi-kasi Banyaknya Dosen
Lokal Nasional Internasional
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1 An Investigation on Cynicism and Environmental Self-Efficacy as Predictors of Pro-Environmental Behavior Juneman, Murty Magda Pane, Rina Patriana Chairiyani Journal Psychology (PSYCH) 2015 V
2 Hypermedia Development as Self-Learning Resources for High School English Debating Training Ubaidah Journal Technolog, Pedagogy and Education 2015 V
3 Mathematics Learning Method of Modeling for Elementary School Students Mario Nugroho Willyarto, Murty Magda Pane, Rina Chairiyani Advances Science Letters(ICOED2015) 2015 V
4 Benefits of Using Smartphones for Improving Students Learning Outcomes at BINUS University Rina Patriana Chairiyani, Iwan Irawan, Simon Mangatur Tampubolon, Murty Magda Pane Advanced Science Letters(ICOED2015) 2015 V
5 Construct Validity in NeuroResearch Sasmoko, Yi Ying Advances Science Letters(ICOED 15) 2015 V
6 Diagnostic Evaluation of Lecturer Quality in Learning Process at “New Private Higher Education Institutions” in Tangerang, Indonesia Sasmoko Advanced Science Letters/SYSSSARM 2015 2015 V
7 The Effect of Positive Discipline Method on the Student’s Self Regulatory Skills and Interpersonal Skills of the Students of the First Grade Class at Quantum Change Academy Olifia Rombot, Jimmy Sapoetra Advanced Science Letter(ICOED 2015) 2015 V
8 Excellent Communication In Indonesian Government Culture To Reach Good Public Governance Ulani Yunus, Synthia Atas Sari, Rina Patriana Pertanika Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities (ICOPE 2015) 2015 V
9 Neuroresearch ( A Model of Research Method) Sasmoko 1st International Conference on Education Studies 2015 V
10 Neuro Research: A Synthesis Between Hermeneutic and Positivism Frederikus Fios, Sasmoko, Antonius Atosokhi Gea Advanced Science Letters/PHILOTIS 2016 2016 V
11 Self Awareness Mapping of UBINUS Student Toward The National Culture, Based on The Values of Pancasila (Sila 3rd Unity of Indonesia) Rina Patriana Chairiyani, Iwan Irawan, Murty Magda Pane Advanced Science Letters (ICOED) 2016 V
12 Teamwork Competency Mapping of Ubinus Student Toward the ASEAN Economic Community Murty Magda Pane, Silverius CMJ Lake, Rina Patriana Chairiyani Advanced Science Letters (ICOED 2016) 2016 V
13 Math Education Game for primary school Meilani Hartono, Khairisan Noor Adhyatmoko, Muhammad Alif Candramata, Budi Yulianto Proceedings – ICIMTech 2016 2016 V
14 Corruption Cases Mapping Based On Indonesia’s Corruption Perception Index Noerlina, Lili Ayu Wulandhari, Sasmoko, (Andi Muhamad Muqsith, Mochammad Alamsyah) Journal of Physics: Conference Series/ICCAI 2016 2016 V
15 Corruption Early Prevention: Decision Support System for President of the Republic of Indonesia Sasmoko, (Samuel Anindyo Widhoyoko), Stefanus Ariyanto, (Yasinta Indrianti), Noerlina, (Andi Muhamad Muqsith, Mochammad Alamsyah) Journal of Physics: Conference Series/ICCAI 2016 2016 V
16 Analyzing Learning Model of BIPA: A Case Study of Students in Vietnam Kristianus Oktriono, Rahmi Yulia Ningsih, Venansia Ajeng ACM International Conference Proceeding Series/ICIET 2017 2016 V
17 The Influence of Parenting on the development of the Language, Cognitive and Social Aspects of Children Erna, Sasmoko, Ferry Dorongin ICSSLAH 2016 V
18 The Influence of Ministry Motivation and Self Concept Toward Pastor Habitus of Gpdi of Indonesia Frederikus Fios, Sasmoko The IIER International Conference 2016 2016 V
19 Construct Theoretical about Indonesian Teacher Engagement Sasmoko ICACP 2017 2016 V
20 Am I a Well-Being Teacher?: A Review of Subjective Well-Being for Elementary Teachers Sasmoko,Jarot Suroso, Harisno, Yi Ying, Kelly Rosalin, Rina Patriana, Murty Magda Pane, Syarifah Diana Permai ICACP 2017 2016 V
21 The Role of Empowering Leadership Through Organizational Commitment in Delivering Engagement Leadership in Delivering the FGBMFI Regional Leader in Banten Sasmoko ICACP 2017 2016 V
22 Literature Review in Developing A Corruption Quotient as the Key Factor of Implementing the Good Governance in Indonesia Sasmoko ICACP 2017 2016 V
23 Digitizing Standard Operating Procedure to Improve Employees Well Being(Experimental Study in XYZ Organization) Sasmoko ICACP 2017 2016 V
24 IT Strategic Planning Study in Improving Organizational Performance of Higher Education in Indonesia Sasmoko ICACP 2017 2016 V
25 Listening, Grammar and Reading Comprehension Skills of the Test of English as a Foreign Language: A Correlational Study Jimmy Sapoetra Humaniora Journal 2016 V
26 Noun Phrase in Bahasa Indonesia Rahmi Yulia Ningsih; Chandra Kurniawan Wiharja; Kristianus Oktriono Humaniora Journal 2016 V
27 Political Aspects in Educational Leadership: A Case Study in Asean Economic Community Era Ferry Doringin; Kristianus Oktriono Humaniora Journal 2016 V
28 Audio Visual Media Components in Educational Game for Elementary Students Meilani Hartono; Andri Guna Santoso; Crisantus Lebu Raya; Budi Yulianto; Suwarno ComTech Journal 2016 V
29 Implementation of Incident and Problem Management to Achieve Service Level Agreement Jarot S. Suroso, (Siska Widya Putri), Sasmoko ICCBN (ACM Proceeding) 2017 V
30 The Application of Traditional Games to Develop Social and Gross Motor Skill in 6-7 Year-Old Children Olifia Rombot ISET 2017 (IEEE Xplore) 2017 V
31 The Model of Professional Development Program for the Internalization of Secondary Education (Case Study in Lokon High School, North Sulawesi) Ferry Doringin, Sasmoko ISET 2017 (IEEE Xplore) 2017 V
32 The Impact on Knowledge Management System’s Element to the Performance in Higher Education Jarot S. Suroso, Sasmoko, (Elisabeth) ISET 2017 (IEEE Xplore) 2017 V
33 The Role of Mass Media to Construct Cosplayer Self Identity, Social reality and Hyper Reality Rina Patriana Chairiyani, Erni Herawati, Riana Enny Widayanti HSI 2017 (IEEE Xplore) 2017 V
34 Effect of Teacher Engagement on Life Satisfaction of High School Teachers in South Jakarta Emny Harna Yossy, Teguh Adi Suprapto, Yasinta Indrianti, Sasmoko ICTTE 2017 2017 V
35 The Worth and Obstacles of Using Quizizz for Learning¬† Indonesian Language at Higher Education Rina Patriana Chairiyani, Sukron Ma’mun, Joice Yulinda Luke ICETSS 2017 (IEEE Xplore) 2017 V
36 The Social Role of Entrepreneurship to Achieve Community Welfare for Social Change Lasmy, Sasmoko, (Yasinta), Hardijanto S, (Riska Dewi) iCOPE 2017 (Pertanika JSSH) 2017 V
37 Business Performance of Corporate Leaders (Study on Ready-to-Wear Fashion Industry in Indonesia) Agustinus Dedy Handrimurtjahjo, Sasmoko, Yasinta Indrianti ADMITS 2017 (Pertanika) 2017 V
38 Corruption System Development Based on Indonesia’s Corruption Perception Index Nurlina, Lili Ayu Wulandhari, Yulyani Arifin, Sasmoko, A.M. Muqsith, M. Alamsyah ICIC Express Letters Part B 2017 V
39 Supervision Model Based in Professional Mathematics Teacher’s Competency: A Case Study Meilani Hartono, Kristianus Oktriono ADMITS 2017 (Pertanika) 2017 V
40 Analysis of Management Class: The Role of Lecturer Professionalism, Student Learning Interest, Student Learning Motivation and Student Procrastination Toward Student Academic Achievement Lasmy, Sasmoko, (Yasinta Indrianti), Okta Prihatma Bayu Putra, (Susanto) ADMITS 2017 (Pertanika) 2017 V
41 Easy Understanding of Attribute Oriented Induction(AOI) Characteristic Rule Algorithm Spits Warnars Harco Leslie Hendric, Muhamad Iskandar Wijaya, Hok Bun Tjung, Dendy Fransiskus Xaverius, Samoko International Journal of Applied Engineering Research 2017 V
42 Applying Indonesian Teacher Engagement
Index (ITEI) Applications: Self Diagnostic for Teacher in Indonesia
Sasmoko, (Yasinta Indrianti), Syarifah Diana Permai, Sonya Rapinta Manalu, (Alvin Tanurwijaya) ICITEE 2017 (IEEE Xplore) 2017 V
43 Image Processing Model based E-Learning for Student Authentication Sucianna Ghadati Rabiha, Sasmoko, Hanry Ham , Noerlina, Hendro International Conference on Information Management and Technology (ICIMTech 2017) 2017 V
44 Jakarta socio-cultural ecology: A sustainable architecture concept in urban neighbourhood Sigit Wijaksono, Sasmoko, (Y. Indrianti, SA Widhayoko) The International Conference on Eco Engineering Development (ICEED 2017) 2017 V
45 Maintaining Conversation by Using Phatic Utterances in English Native Speakers Conversation Venansia Ajeng Surya Ariyani Pedo, Kristianus Oktriono, Rahmi Yulia Ningsih International Multidiciplinary Conference on Productivity an Sustainability (IMPS) 2017 V
46 Educational Mathematics Game For Elementary Students Meilani Hartono, (Andri Guna Santoso, Crisantus Lebu Raya, Khairisan Noor Adhyatmoko, Muhammad Alif Candramata), Budi Yulianto International Conference on Information Management and Technology (ICIMTech 2017) 2017 V
47 Software Size Measurement Of Student Information Terminal With Use Case Point (Dede Kurniadi), Sasmoko, Harco Leslie Hendric Spits Warnars The 2017 IEEE International Conference on Cybernetics and Computational Intelligence 2017 V
48 The Role of Instagram in Promoting the Shifting of Traditional Food Into Five-Star Quality Fine Dining (Case Study Warteg Gourmet by Dade Akbar) Rina Patriana Chairiyani, Tinjung Desy Nursanti, Hari Sriyanto 2017 2nd International Conference on Social Science and Humanities 2017 V
49 Increasing Democratic Attitude of Students Through Role Play Method in Civic Learning Olifia Rombot, Titin, (Sunaryati, Dewi Ariani) 6th International Conference on Information and Educational Technology (ICIET) 2018 2017 V
50 Effectiveness Analysis of Sentences in Lecturer Scientific Articles of Inhouse Publications in Bina Nusantara University Rahmi Yulia Ningsih, Chandra Kurnia Wiharja, Endang Ernawati 2017 2nd International Conference on Social Science and Humanities (SOSHUM) 2017 2017 V
51 Applying Indonesian Teacher Engagement Index (ITEI) Apps: Self-Diagnostic Apps for Teachers in Indonesia Sasmoko, Noerlina, Yasinta Indrianti, Syarifah Diana Permai, Sonya Rapinta Manalu ICIC Express Letters Part B 2017 V
52 The Grammar of Indonesian Language: Case Study of RBS Students Christina Sidupa, Rahmi Yulia Ningsih, David Werhoru ICSBS/IMPS 2017 2017 V
53 The Collaboration of Flipped Classroom and Jigsaw Model To Improve The Student’s Character in Elementary School in Jakarta Olifia Rombot, Ferry Doringin, Freddy Widya Ariesta International Symposium on Education Technology (ISET 2018) 2018 V
TOTAL 4 0 49