To be a world class center of excellence in Primary Education, fostering and empowering the society which emphasizes on Literacy and Numeracy, Character Building, and Educational Technology based on Innovative Research.


  1. World-class: lecturers have international papers (SCOPUS Indexed) and IPR, Graduates work in International Schools.
  2. Excellence: being the main reference for the PGSD department regionally, nationally and internationally
  3. Innovative research: conducting sustainable and up-to-date research that is in accordance with the context of education in Indonesia.


  1. Preparing professional primary school teachers who have global mindset, good characters with a sound knowledge in primary curricula.
  2. Equipping primary school teachers with Literacy and Numeracy skills through learning media development based on technology.
  3. Developing research culture in academic community which contributes to the society particularly in primary education through community service.

Program Objective

  • To facilitate graduates with conducive academic environment to achieve rigorous learning outcomes through meaningful learning experience.
  • To deploy graduates with Literacy and Numeracy skills by designing and applying learning media, learning management system, digital learning platform based on latest technology.
  • To equip graduates with research skills which can be applied to the society focusing on Literacy and Numeracy in primary school level.

Student Outcomes

  • Able to design learning tools based on learning theory principles and integrate approaches, strategies, models, methods and learning techniques in various primary school curricula
  • Able to apply creative, innovative, effective, and interesting learning by optimizing the use of various learning resources, science and technology-based learning media according to process standards and the quality of primary school and implementing local wisdom-based counseling services by optimizing the use of technology
  • Able to evaluate learning outcomes in each subject at the primary school level as a basis for decision-making and continuous improvement
  • Able to design research related to quality, relevance, and current issues in the field of primary school as an effort to present the best options from existing solutions to be used as a basis for decision making
  • Able to implement and develop content enrichment subjects at the primary school level
  • Able to implement and develop digital learning platforms in the field of ICT that are integrated into learning at the primary school level
  • Able to develop and implement the learning that refers to the national curriculum in SPK
  • Able to develop and implement learning by referring to the International Curriculum applicable in SPK
  • Able to apply interdisciplinary knowledge and skills in developing alternative solutions for problem-solving.